The Best Fruit and Vegetables from Virginia's Northern Neck

About Northern Neck Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Northern Neck Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. or "NNK Fresh" for short, is a family-owned and operated business serving restaurants in the DC Metro area with high-quality, nutritious, delicious produce from the Northern Neck of Virginia. NNK Fresh produce is locally sourced and delivered right to your kitchen by our well-trained staff.

Where Is the Northern Neck?

Virginia's Northern Neck is the northernmost peninsula of Virginia's three interior peninsulas. It is the birthplace of world leaders, historical figures and many fine Virginians, including George Washington, the nation's first president and the Northern Neck's most famous son.

David and Tina Blair

are the owners and operators of Northern Neck Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. David & Tina both come with unique perspective for the business. Throughout his early life, David was heavily invested in the farming business as his step-father was a Northern Neck tomato farmer. David spent his younger years learning the qualities of a good vegetable, and later years working front- and back-of house in the restaurant business, which led to his career in Culinary Education.

Tina has brought her own unique twist to NNK Fresh with her years of experience working front-of-house in the restaurant business, as well as creating, developing and operating Heritage Farms CSA.

How Can I Get On Board?

Each week, NNK Fresh provides a list of produce that is available to your restaurant. In order to be included in our list of weekly contacts, simply go to our contact page and fill out our simple form to get started.

Want to get involved with our CSA?

Our CSA is now open for the purchase of shares! Get fresh, tasty vegetables every week. Go to our CSA page to learn more.

Just a few of the restaurants we have served: